Chip Resistant Base Coat

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Prevent yellowing, discoloration and ensure an even color application

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California Mango Chip Resistant Base Coat ensures nail color adheres to natural or artificial nails creating a transparent barrier protecting nails from possible color staining or uneven color.

  • Protects nails from yellowing and discoloration
  • Ensures easier and even color application
  • Nail lacquer adheres better reducing chipping
  • Enhances the shine of nail colors
  • UV absorber

3 reviews for Chip Resistant Base Coat

  1. Cindy

    Best chip resistant base coat I’ve used on my nails in over 30 years. It really does smooth out the ridges for a more even coat, and it reduces chipping and peeling.

  2. Julie Gauthier

    This product is the best I’ve found, your nails stay done for a full 7 days. I also used the TopCoat Color Sealer Coat and Nail Dry. I highly recommend it.

  3. Dana

    This stuff does wonders to my manicure. I can go a little longer between fills when I use the base coat first.

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