Top Coat Color Sealer

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Reduces Drying Time, Color Fading, Prevents Yellowing and adds a Layer of High Shine Gloss to your nails.

.5 fl oz (15 mL)

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California Mango Top Coat Color Sealer when applied on top of nail color provides high shine, brighter color and protection from chipping, fading and nail wear. Use weekly to refresh color, durability and shine.

  • Reduces drying time and color fading
  • Prevents yellowing
  • Adds a layer of high shine gloss
  • Refreshes color and shine between manicures
  • UV absorber

2 reviews for Top Coat Color Sealer

  1. Mark

    This is a really good topcoat. Great shine, and very durable. Once a week keeps the nails very glossy.

  2. Julie Gauthier

    This product is the best I’ve found, your nails stay done for a full 7 days. I also used the Chip Resistant Base Coat and Nail Dry. I highly recommend it.

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