From a Facebook user

I’ve been using your products for over 20 years, there is nothing like you on the market, still! And never will be. Thank you for making me feel luxurious and smell amazing everyday.

Bari R.
May 10, 2018

I swear by your products!

I use this in the shower especially after I have painted my nails. It makes sure you have the cleanest and most hydrated cuticles!! I have been waiting for California Mango to have an official Instagram!! Yay!! I swear by your products!

May 10, 2018


Yay! You made my day! I bought your products at the Long Beach Show in Jan. I FELL IN LOVE! 😍🖤✌

May 10, 2018


Love this stuff!!! My hands get so dry since I wash them between every guest. I use the mango creme and the balm at night! Maaaagicccc!

May 10, 2018


This stuff is AMAZING!! I love it so much!! @californiamangoofficial

May 10, 2018

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